Your teeth are more than tools used for eating and chewing. They play a vital role in communication, first impressions, and what you show to the world. If imperfect teeth are making you less than confident about smiling; it’s time to learn about what modern cosmetic dentistry can do for you.

When discussing cosmetic dentistry, countless materials and methods are available, even some brands which have marketed to the public and have name recognition. Dr. Hardy and Dr. Webster have extensive training in cosmetic dentistry understand each patient is unique and we want to serve you as best as possible. We start by getting to know you and taking the time to find out what you want. We also perform a comprehensive oral evaluation in order to eliminate the chance of encountering unforeseen problems before we start. Intraoral photos and impression are taken and shared with our local dental ceramist, who returns a smile that you can “try on” so you know how your final restorations will look before we ever begin. Unlike offices that use generic temporaries, your temporaries will be identical to what your final veneers will look like. Your “trial smile” enables you to make sure you are happy with your future smile, and alterations can be made and communicated to our ceramist while your veneers are being hand-crafted.

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On Dental Veneers:

Patients often tell us they have reservations about getting veneers because ones they have seen do not look natural. Why do some veneers look unnatural or fake? There is more to think about than color. In order to look natural, veneers should match each individual’s smile and personality. Tooth proportions, shape, position, and surface characteristics all combine to create the ideal smile. If you look closely at a tooth they are not the same color (monochromatic) throughout. From the gum line to the tip of the tooth, there are slight variations is color, whiteness, and translucency. In order for a veneer to look natural, these factors have to be taken into account and created by a skilled ceramist. In a world of generic and one-size-fits-all, we strive to stand apart in giving you the smile you’ve always desired. Our goal is to create veneers that are similar and balanced to your overall esthetics.

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